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FLEXY company is specialized in poultry equipment solutions and has a well known experience in egg collection and egg transportation systems. From the beginning, FLEXY aimed to have high quality products by choosing the best materials and the perfect mechanical components.
FLEXY products EGG WAY and LIFT WAY are respectively a road conveyor and an egg collection system, highly versatile products with high standards of quality. These can be easily adapted to existing cage systems and installations.
Between its range of products, the company can also offer different nesting system solutions, thanks to its FAMILY NEST (available in different versions), the perfect product to get a safer trip of the eggs from the hens to your egg table. In addition to the nests we can offer other interesting products like the BROILER WAY, the EGG TABLE and the FMDS (Flexy Manure Drying System).
Each one of these products is available in different versions and can be customized, following customer’s needs. We strongly believe that the best service has to be associated at the best solution for the client and this is what we always look for, in every single project.



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